Design & Build (Nature By Design)

Extending beyond boundaries to establish new benchmarks in creativity, innovation and client experience is Nature By Design – the design division of Nature Landscapes, an initiative set up exclusively for landscape enhancement, new installations and renovations.

Nature By Design is a brand that builds on Creative Innovations and thrives on Innovative Implementation of landscaping designs and sustainable creativity. With an array of green solutions for both residential and commercial projects, complemented with years of experience, Nature By Design’s landscape architects and designs extend their range of creative and holistic solutions to design and build a garden that meets the budget, specifications, and expectations of our varied clientele.


Under the national water agency PUB’s Active, Beautiful, Clean (ABC) Waters Programme, Pang Sua Pond has been given a $6.8 million transformation. The Floating wetlands, about the size of an Olympic-sized swimming pool add a splash of green whilst enhancing the biodiversity in the area. “This is in fact the second-largest man-made floating wetland in Singapore,” said PUB’s chief sustainability officer Tan Nguan Sen.




Potong Pasir residents can now boast of a new picturesque waterfront along the Kallang River. The $ 7 million project under the PUB’s Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) created four new lookout decks with timber seating and an open community plaza for 750 persons.



Rain garden, a planted depression that allows rainwater runoff when substantial amounts of rain fall occurs especially in a tropical country like Singapore. This project was initiated because of a recurring problem of flooding in this particular part of the estate. The rain garden acts like a natural drainage (sponge) to absorb the excess water.



Green wall has no boundaries. It can be installed anywhere and still blend in naturally with the beautiful green city we live in. This installation was built at Rendezvous Grand Hotel Singapore, along the driveway that provides guests with an unexpected lush landscape path towards its hotel lobby.